Engineering Matches

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  • Need help formulating of a chemical product?
  • Need to understand a consumable's cost and quality?
  • Need an estimated cost of a list of equipment?
  • Need a process capital and operating cost estimate?
  • Need an estimate of energy usage and cost?
  • Need to optimize a process?
  • Need help developing a new process or product?

Matches' services apply conceptual process and cost engineering to the chemical, energy, manufacturing and metallurgical industry. Matches' services focus your energy on the key elements of your research, process development design, construction, operation and remediation effort. Matches helps customers evaluate alternatives during the early stages og development when decisions significantly impact a project's effective value.

Chemical Formulations
Matches provides chemical product formulations.
Consumable's Costs
Matches estimates your supplier's manufacturing cost.
Consumable's Quality
Matches estimates the impact on your operations of your supplier's product quality changes.
Energy Usage
Matches provides energy usage estimates for various manufacturing operations.
Equipment Costs
Matches provides equipment capital and operating cost.
Process Costs
Matches provides capital and operating cost estimates for chemical processes.
Process Development
Matches develops equipment specification, process flow diagrams, and material/energy balances.
Process Optimization
Matches provided technical assistance to optimize a process unit.
Process Technologies
Matches provides assistance in the selection of a process
technology for solving a process problem or selecting a process to produce a chemical..
Product Development
Matches helps to develop an idea into a product.