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About Matches

Near the end of 1980, David and Judy Milligan founded Matches, an engineering firm, to provide quality decision support for development of new products, new process technology or improvements in chemicals, energy, manufacturing and metallurgy.


Matches is a certified engineering company.  Early in the life of Matches, the firm developed computer simulations and cost models.  These models included storm events, ballistic, chemical process, metallurgical process, environmental process and mining models.  Gold processing seminars were presented at various mining conferences.  Mining models included hydraulic, oil  and boring. A major project was preparing the scheduling and costing basis for the bid of one of the five finalist for building USA's Supercollider.


  • Matches supports various value added manufactures.  These manufacturers produce catalysts, chemicals and construction materials.
  • Matches supports various environmentally oreinted manufactures.  These include recyclers of polymers and processers of biomass.