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Services - Process Technologies

Matches provides assistance in the selection of a process
technology for solving a process problem or selecting a process to produce a chemical.  Matches has over five decades of experience in process evaluation and technology selection. Process selection is a complex task. Matches' assistance helps avoid mistakes and speeds the process selection. Matches can provided a review of process technology as a third party.

Matches can help develop customer requirements and assure that the selected process meets those requirements. Matches prepares a summary of capital cost, operating cost, raw materials, process complexity, risks and safety for selected technologies. Matches' comparative analysis of the process, timing and costs analysis allows a better technology selection. If required, Matches prepares a test program, monitors it and develops final conceptual design. This comparison focusing process selection efforts.

This process technology selection method is well suited to solving environmental problem that often have many solutions. For example the selection of a process to remove a pollutant from a waste gas stream might compare solvent scrubbing (many types of scrubbers), solid adsorption, compression, refrigeration, incineration or recycle.

Service Request for Process Technology Analysis

Describe the process technologies you desire to compare. Provide contact information so that Matches can respond with confirmation of scope of work, estimated cost and completion time. The work and completion time will start upon your approval to proceed. When we have agreed upon the scope, cost and timing, we will invoice you monthly for work as we complete it.

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