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Services - Consumable's Quality

Matches estimates the impact on your operations of consumables product quality changes. Matches has over five decades of experience in process cost analysis. Understand the impact of impurities in your raw materials improves your negotiating position particularily for long term contracts. Knowing these costs focuses the supply decisions on the most cost effective feed material.

Matches estimates the cost of handling impurites in your manufacturing process. The estimate shows the impact on your product quality and the generation of wastes. This allows the development of penalties for feed impurities that reflect their impact on your cost. This type of study alerts you to the environmental impact of your manufacturing process.

For example, your supplier is having difficulty controlling an impurity in his product. This impurity becomes a waste product in your process. The waste require processing and disposal. You would like to add a price adjustment clause to a long term contact you are considering. You need to know the impact on your process which includes product quality, capital costs, environmental impact and operating costs.

Service Request for Process Cost Analysis

Describe the consumable's quality analysis you desire. Provide contact information so that Matches can respond with confirmation of scope of work, estimated cost and completion time. The work and completion time will start upon your approval to proceed. When we have agreed upon the scope, cost and timing, we will invoice you monthly for work as we complete it.

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