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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some typical question.  We have create two groups of question - 1. Process Equipment Costs and 2. General Questions.  Within each group, we have ordered the questions based upon how often visitors have asked the question.  E-mail your additional questions to

1. Process Equipment Costs Questions

Q: When do we update the process equipment costs?
A: We have recently up-dated the equipment cost to Mid-2014. We up-date equipment costs when our estimated cost differ from those on the web site by about 10 percent.

Q: What is the estimate cost of a piece of process equipment?
A: We have added an equipment index. This should make finding the cost of your piece of equipment easier.  If the equipment is not in the index, just request an estimate equipment cost.

Q: Would you please quote a piece of process equipment?
A: We offer an estimated process equipment cost. We might recommend an equipment supplier; however, we do not offer process equipment for sale.

Q: How do we estimate cost of a piece of process equipment?
A: We fit the cost of equipment to an equation - cost model.  Most equipment has a size below which the cost is relatively constant.  As the equipment get bigger, the cost typically correlates well based upon size to a power (power near 0.7).   The model is: Cost = A + B*(size^C).  At very large sizes and due to physical constrains, the cost model typically correlates well based upon size to a power (above 1). When the size range approaches the upper size limit, we use a similar model with different values for A, B and C.

2. General Questions

Q: Please consider my resume'?
A: We have a small staff and we are not hiring now.

Q: Why should I become a chemical engineer?
A: If you like mathematics, chemistry and building stuff, you should consider becoming a chemical engineer. Being in demand and an excellent salary with benefits are good reasons also.

Q: Is my product or process feasible?
A: We have helped many people with this problem. Often the answer requires a significant quantity of information (time and money). If you supply sufficient information, we may be able to point you in the right direction of an answer.

Q: What is the cost of a raw material or chemical?
A: The cost of raw materials, labor and other supplies depends upon annual usage, duration of consumption, quality, location and regulations. Past commodity prices can be obtained from literature, but making an estimating of their future costs requires a significant amount of information (time and money).