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Services - Equipment Costs

Matches provides equipment capital and operating cost for equipment not found on our web site. Matches has over five decades of experience in process engineering. Matches a large amount of process equipment cost data. Understanding process equipment costs and operating cost are keys to developing a competitive manufacturing process.

Matches can help select and size equipment based upon your needs. Once selected, Matches can estimate the cost of the equipment and the expense of operating the equipment. These equipment cost modules along with an application guide improve the equipment selection process.

For example consider the grinding of a solid into a fine powder. Processing rate, material properties, and feed and product size are key issues. At low processing rates the selected equipment might be a hammermill with a low capital cost and a high operating cost. Alternatively a high processing rate might suggest multiple pieces of equipment such as crushers followed by mills with recycle loops. The capital investment would be higher but the operating cost per unit of product would be much lower.

Service Request for equipment cost analysis

Describe the equipment cost analysis you desire. Provide contact information so that Matches can respond with confirmation of scope of work, estimated cost and completion time. The work and completion time will start upon your approval to proceed. When we have agreed upon the scope, cost and timing, we will invoice you monthly for work as we complete it.

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