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Services - Product Development

Matches helps to develop an idea into a product. Matches has over five decades of experience in producing a wide variety of product. Product development is a long path and Matches' assistance helps avoid mistakes and increase speed to market.

Matches can help develop customer requirements and assure that the product meets those requirements. We assist in improving product quality and reduce wastes. Matches can assist in the preparation of samples. Throughout the product development effort, Matches uses its expertise in process and cost engineering to focus efforts and reduce costs.

For example consider the development of a product to aid cleaning of pet disasters from rugs. Matches' review of the idea would establish most of the product requirements. A literature search might find a group of chemicals that are expected to be the basis of the product. Additional consideration might remove many of these proposed chemicals from considerations and develop combinations that would be superior to any existing products. A preliminary formula might be proposed followed by sample preparation and testing. The results might suggested that a contract manufacture prepare the product for test marketing.

Service Request for Product Development

Describe the product you desire to develop. Provide contact information so that Matches can respond with confirmation of scope of work, estimated cost and completion time. The work and completion time will start upon your approval to proceed. When we have agreed upon the scope, cost and timing, we will invoice you monthly for work as we complete it.

Your Description of Work and List of Source Documents