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Microcomputer Programs for
Heap Leach Operations

This book assists the operating engineer with his day to day duties at a precious metal (gold and silver) heap leach operation. The associated spreadsheet helps the engineer estimate operating parameters, simplifies calculating required reagent additions, and evaluates the economic feasibility of the project. The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet contains worksheets for each chapter of the book. The book is by Judith and David Milligan.

Descriptions and worksheets cover these major areas:
Economic Evaluation - correlates capital and operating costs to estimate the present worth of a heap leach operation.
Pump Design and Pipe Design - calculates required pump and pipe sizes for heap leach piping.
Water Balance - estimates pond level from make-up water, evaporation, and other water losses.
Sprinkler Design - determines sprinkler spacing and nozzle size for good solution distribution.
Feed Reagent Addition - estimates feed reagent addition from operating and control parameters.
Metal Removal from Solution - calculates zinc addition or carbon loading times.
Metal Smelting - determines the flux preparation for either zinc precipitates or electrowinning cathodes.
Scaling - predicts the tendency to scale at the present pH and at a higher pH.
Note: The authors have converted the Microsoft BasicA program shown in the book into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which we transfer electronically to you.  We can supply a micro SD card that contains the spreadsheet and the original program.

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